• Crime against Women and Maintenance
  • Private Complaint to Magistrate
  • Accidental Case
  • Case of Dishonor of Cheque
  • Narcotic Drugs Case
  • Criminal Writ
  • Writ for quashing of FIR
  • Bail Matter in the Lower Court
  • Bail Matter before the High Court
  • Bail Matter before the Supreme Court

In society, criminal law plays a significant and important function. It offers a tranquil means of dealing with issues safeguarding people and property. Criminal law defends citizens from offenders who would lead to physical harm to another person or society as a whole. At the national level, our firm has defended numerous clients in criminal cases. Lexmotion believes in offering prompt, efficient, and reasonably priced remedies from Trial Courts to the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The firm’s criminal litigation team comprises seasoned attorneys with excellent skills for dealing with cases of a criminal and quasi-criminal nature, such as but not restricted to, private complaints to magistrates, crime against women and maintenance, accidental cases, cases of dishonored cheques, drug cases, and criminal writs, writs to quash FIRs, bail matters in lower courts, higher courts, and the Supreme Court.

Private complaints to magistrate

Giving legal aid with police complaints, FIR registration, and criminal complaints: This is a crucial step in a criminal case because it determines the foundation for your case’s continued development.

Anybody can file a criminal complaint before the magistrate if the officer in charge refuses to do so? However, handling complexities and criminal procedure isn’t everyone’s forte. Lexmotion’s experienced team of attorneys can assist you, advice you, and guide you to file a private complaint to the magistrate, to which the magistrate will take cognizance.

Crime against women

Women constitute the vulnerable and more prone to crime section of society. Lexmotion supports female liberation and consistently supports women who require legal assistance. When their rights are violated, our team of committed and knowledgeable crime-against-women attorneys assists women in finding the appropriate legal recourse.


Every matrimonial process must include a maintenance aspect. Either spouse who lacks the resources to support him or herself may file a maintenance request. Even so, there are a few instances where people falsely claim to get maintenance to obtain support from their husbands. However, there are some genuine situations where maintenance is required. Get the top maintenance lawyers in Lexmotion for professional guidance and direction on handling maintenance-related matters.

Cases of dishonored cheques

Cheques are the most common form of negotiable instrument, which are used in multifarious transactions like payment of bills, salary & fees, repayment of loans, etc. Bounce of cheques is equally common. The bank gives a cheque return memo after the cheque bounce, but what next step will you take if the cheque bounces after resubmission. What is the liability of the defaulter? What steps to take legally, which case to file, and where to file the case; all this can be a cakewalk with the guidance of seasoned lawyers of Lexmotion. We efficiently aid clients in filing or defence in such cases.

Accidental case

Our legal team promptly starts looking into the specifics of an auto accident. We meet with potential clients and their relatives to discuss their legal rights and choices for pursuing a claim to obtain maximum compensation at the beginning of each of your claims for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

Narcotics/drugs case

There has been an exponential rise in narcotics substances/ drug trafficking cases. Young people and students are the common target and constitute the most accused. It not only involves complaints and apprehending drug dealers, but it also involves determining the origin of the synthetic substances confiscated. These cases are significant, sensitive, and complex; they can change one person’s life upside down. These cases demand a lot of critical analysis and the nitty gritty of criminal law; NDPS Act is rightfully interpreted and handled by a veteran criminal lawyer and experienced team of legal professionals, which Lexmotion can exclusively provide you.

Criminal writs

A writ is a formal, legal document drafted in a way that commands someone or something to carry out or stop carrying out a certain action or deed. Courts or other organizations with legal or jurisdictional authority create writs. It outlines legal remedies for defending these rights from infringement by the StateState or other institutions or people. We as the citizens have the right to file a petition to enforce these rights, before the Supreme Court or the High Courts. Most people in India struggle to obtain the greatest criminal writs lawyer nearby. You can trust Lexmotion in such a crucial matter. We have team of expert lawyers in presenting a defence or filing a criminal writ in relation to an exoneration or conviction.

Writs to quash FIR

The High Court has the authority to quash the FIR if it determines that it was filed with the intent to harass the aggrieved party; if the allegations contained in the said FIR do not constitute an offence; if the FIR is improbable in nature; if the allegations contained in the FIR or complaint do not establish an offence was committed; etc. The judge’s subjective evaluation would be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not to quash the FIR. Our extensive experience, which covers everything from complex operations to advice on all phases of a case, ensures that Lexmotion, in a manner, is best suited to such requirements of our clients.

Bail matters

Bail is a matter of right and the most critical and integral part of a criminal matter. When it comes to crimes like forgery, murder, rape, dower death, kidnapping, criminal breach of trust, causing serious pain, attempt to kill, or culpable homicide, getting bail can be difficult.

A competent criminal lawyer should be consulted right away if the arrest is apprehended and anticipatory bail must be requested. If anticipatory bail cannot be granted, a criminal attorney can assist you in requesting interim protection, which will enable the client to request bail in the future.