A geographical indication (GI) is a designation or sign placed on items to suggest that they have a certain origin geographically or were created using a specific manufacturing method. Clothing, foods, agricultural products, and things made with specialized manufacturing skills, such as Swiss watches and Pashmina shawls, Sambalpuri sarees are examples of such products. GIs could be used illegally if they are not protected. This has the potential to reduce the value of GI and actual authentic products. If the geographical origin of your items confers a particular trait or reputation, it is critical that buyers recognise and trust the relevance of this origin. A geographical indicator (GI) displays the high quality and distinctive features of products, increasing their worth. The registration board has its own rules and quality methods that are used to evaluate applications. The undertakings and institutions located in that specific area are protected and can put the ‘geographical indicator’ on the distinctive items produced in that area. This enables GI owners to take fast action in the event of a prospective or actual infringement of a valid Geographical Indication.

We have extensive experience prosecuting parties that violate registered geographical indications. We also offer legal counsel in civil and criminal cases. Our professional attorneys at Lexmotion provide specialized advice on where and on how to submit a successful application. We work hard to boost your competitive advantage and ensure that your geographically distinct product gets centre stage in the market. Our expert legal team can assist you in increasing and securing the commercial value of your goods.