• Copyright Search Certificate
  • Copyright Filing
  • Copyright Prosecution
  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Cancellation
  • Copyright Appeal 
  • Copyright Assignment
  • Copyright Licensing
  • Copyright Litigation in case of Infringement

Increase in the digital economy Companies and individuals are finding it more challenging to secure their creative works as new technologies emerges and copyright regulations continue to change. The IPR team in Lexmotion works directly with clients on a variety of copyright issues and is knowledgeable about the subtleties of copyright law. We frequently help customers with the derivative work, licensing and assigning of copyrights and compilations. When necessary, we also handle copyright enforcement and litigation.

Copyright search certificate

Before submitting a copyright registration request for any creative work in form of a logo or device, one must obtain a clear copyright search certificate from the trademark office. That may be accumulated in original works as soon as they are created, suggesting first copyright over any artistic logo. There are very few options to stop subsequent registrations of identical or much related trademark marks in favour of third parties.

Copyright filing

Documentation and filing of application is a very crucial step. But Lexmotion is here to make it easier for you.

We also provide licensing and assignment, contract negotiation and writing, due diligence, clearances and regulatory compliances, dispute resolution and enforcement, as well as copyright prosecution and registration. We have specialized teams for the fields of arts and antiquities, media and entertainment, and IT and e-commerce in addition to the aforementioned services.

Copyright prosecution

The term “copyright prosecution” refers to speaking out against the unauthorized use of particular creative works without the owner’s express permission. In order to govern and oversee the copyright registration services, the Indian Copyright Registration Act was created in 1957. An IPR attorney or lawyer, should be consulted when it pertains to copyright prosecution because he is the best person to handle all of these issues. A trademark prosecution is indeed the legal action taken against a person who inappropriately utilizes another else’s creative work. Our team of committed and knowledgeable IPR attorneys assists clients in finding the appropriate legal recourse in this scenario.

Copyright registration

Copyright registration is very crucial because it determines the foundation for the protection of your artistic or literary work. The services we provide at Lexmotion are frequently customized to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. The experts are highly skilled and are aware of the most effective ways to carry out their duties. They are capable of satisfying the needs of both domestic and foreign customers.

Copyright cancellation

The only means to erase or edit the records which have been recorded once in the office of the Register of Copyrights an application has really been registered under the Section 50 of the Act of 1957. Respective High Court has the authority to amend any errors in the Register of Copyright, including mistakes in omission or entry. A request for the correction of the Register of Copyrights may be filed directly to the High Court or via the Registrar of Copyrights. All this can be a cakewalk with the guidance of seasoned lawyers of Lexmotion. We efficiently aid clients in filing or defence in such cases.

Copyright appeal 

Any party who feels wronged by an order of the Copyright Office may file an appeal with the High Court in whose jurisdiction the appellant certainly and voluntarily resides, conducts business, or performs personal labor for gain, and the appellate court may order that execution of the order be stayed pending resolution of the appeal. These cases demand a lot of critical analysis and the nitty gritty of IP law; Act of 1957 to be rightfully interpreted and handled by a veteran lawyer and experienced team of legal professionals, which Lexmotion can exclusively provide you.

Copyright assignment

The transfer of a property owner’s ownership rights in a specific creative work or works is known as a copyright assignment. Such transfers could take place alone or as a component of bigger asset purchases or sales. Copyright assignment agreements safeguard everyone’s rights while also supplying proof of ownership and transfer. For the original owner of the copyright, it offers a financial opportunity. Our extensive experience, which covers everything from complex operations to advice on all phases of a case, ensures that Lexmotion, in a manner, is best suited to the requirements of copyright assignment for our clients.

Copyright licensing

An individual or licensee is granted permission to use a work by the owner of the copyright in exchange for a payment under the terms of a copyright licence. The rights that come with copyright licences can either be exclusive or nonexclusive, depending on the terms of each licence. But, a licence merely grants the right to carry out something which would otherwise be illegal, and does not transfer the copyright. An assignment transmits ownership of the copyright.

Get strategic and comprehensive advice by seasoned IP lawyers at Lexmotion in matter of copyright licensing and disputes concerned with it.

Copyright litigation in case of infringement

Making copies that are not authorised for sale or rental, selling, or letting out, showing or distributing unauthorised copies for commercial gain. bringing in illegal copies constitute infringement. The degree and intent of a copyright work’s replication are what constitute infringement. If the accused infringer had access to the copied work, whether there is a demonstrable likeness between the infringing copy and the claimant’s work, etc., are crucial concerns.

A competent IP lawyer should be consulted right away. Our team of dedicated and clued-in IPR attorneys assists clients in finding the appropriate legal remedy.