• Deeds and Documentation
  • Property Registration
  • Property Dispute
  • Will or Probate
  • Transfer of Property
  • Injunction Suit
  • Partition Suit
  • Construction Case
  • Motor Accident Claim Case
  • Tenancy Matter
  • Debt Recovery Matter
  • Merger, Acquisition and Joint-Venture
  • Employment & Service related Issue

Guidelines, orders, regulations, and judgments for settling disputes of a civil character make up civil law. By providing victims of injustice with appropriate and equitable recompense, civil law generally resolves conflicts among private parties, such as families or institutions.

Deeds & documentation

Our team of competent and experienced attorneys at Lexmotion offers a wide range of legal documentation services, including the drafting, reviewing, registration of various papers, deeds, petitions and wills as needed and requested by our clients. Every person who contacts us for support receives the best documentation service.

Property matters

Since property law matters are often complex and include a number of laws, along with the local laws, it is necessary to hire an expert property lawyer. We provide a range of legal services, including registration, litigation support, legal drafting, and advice for lease deeds, sale deeds, licence agreements, conveyance deeds, general powers of attorneys, builder agreements, assignment deeds, and other documents.

Injunction suit

A frequent and efficient remedy for any mischief committed by a third party is to file a lawsuit for an injunction. The ability to impose injunctions is granted to all civil courts. Most people in India struggle to obtain the greatest injunction lawyer nearby regarding legal injunctions. You can trust Lexmotion in such a crucial matter.

Construction and real estate

In Lexmotion comprehensive consultation, diligence, title verification, documentation, and civil litigation services are offered. We assist with the drafting and review of all business and transactional documents. We take care of all legal facets of project approval, debt financing, etc.

Motor accident claim case

We now have to cope with unfortunate events of traffic accidents as a result of technological improvement. Our car accident attorney investigates the cause of the crash, determines whether insurance coverage would cover your losses, and calculates the number of damages you may be entitled to if someone else was responsible.

Merger, acquisition and joint ventures

Transaction management services are provided from deal formulation to transaction closing for mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. Our corporate and commercial advisory services cover more than finding solutions to common legal issues. Our extensive experience covers everything from complex operations to daily advice on issues involving all phases of a company’s business cycle, ensuring that Lexmotion in a manner is best suited to the requirements of our clients.

Employment & service-related issues

In addition to offering strategic and comprehensive advice on employment-related and compliance matters, as well as ongoing support for departments of human resources and in-house counsels, we assist in managing employment problems at all levels regarding employment contracts and policies, employee termination, salary and benefit structures, consulting and temporary movement agreements, contract termination, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete clauses, dispute settlement, mediation, and all forms of employment litigation.